Exercising for a Healthy Pregnancy


As one of the most fulfilling phases in a woman’s life, being pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to sit and relax throughout the whole pregnancy period. Yes, during your pregnancy, you may feel more tired than before. You may have backache and swollen ankles. But it is very essential for pregnant women to keep active. Exercising during pregnancy will not only help you to stay in shape but also prepare you for labour and delivery. It allows you to return to your pre-pregnancy shape faster.


Exercising during pregnancy doesn’t mean that you have to do complicated workouts. Simple exercises daily are enough to keep you fit and active. So, in order to have a healthy pregnancy, you should consult your doctor or an experienced trainer or join classes on pregnancy exercises.

Exercising and Pregnancy:

Exercising 20-30 minutes 3 or 4 days a week can help you maintain a healthy pregnancy. Walking is one the best exercises which provides a moderate aerobic conditioning without much stress. Swimming, pedalling on stationary cycle, light aerobics and yoga are some of the good exercise choices during pregnancy.


While exercising, it is very essential to stay hydrated. Have plenty of fluids and don’t be overheated. Exercise to the limit you are comfortable and as per your health trainer’s suggestions.

Benefits of exercising during pregnancy: 

  • Relieves backache and other discomforts
  • Increases your stamina and energy level
  • Prevents you from gaining excess weight
  • Helps you to sleep better
  • Gives a boost to your mood
  • Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Reduces constipation
  • Helps proper blood circulation
  • Gives a healthy glow to your face
  • Controls pregnancy related high blood pressure
  • Reduces the symptoms of postpartum depression

It is better not to exercise during pregnancy if you have the following problems:

  • Cervical problems
  • Heart or lung related disease
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Previous pre-term labour
  • Threatened miscarriage

Do’s while exercising:

  • Wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes along with a supportive bra
  • Wear well-fitting sports shoes
  • Exercise on flat surface to prevent injury
  • Choose healthy food and eat at least an hour before exercise
  • Drink lots of water before, during and after exercising
  • If you are doing floor exercises, get up slowly

Don’ts while exercising:

  • Avoid exercises involving extensive hopping, bouncing, skipping and jumping
  • Avoid exercises which have chances of you falling down
  • Avoid waist twisting movements
  • Avoid exercising in hot and humid conditions
  • Don’t  hold your breath for a long time
  • Don’t do extensive exercises for long periods of time


So, if you are pregnant, do moderate exercises to stay fit and healthy. Not only you, but your baby also will greatly benefit by the exercises.

Exercise daily and have a healthy pregnancy.

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