5 Tips to Stay Healthy during a Monsoon Pregnancy

Monsoon is perhaps one of the most awaited seasons as it brings relief from the scorching summer heat. However, for pregnant women, monsoon may not be as relieving as is assumed to be. The high humidity and the chances of certain infections may bring in discomfort.

But pregnant women can make the best of monsoon by taking some special care and making some changes in their lifestyle.

Here are five tips to make your monsoon pregnancy a comfortable one:

  1. Clothes
    As the humidity increases during monsoon, people tend to sweat more than summer. Moreover, pregnancy leads to fluctuation in body temperature. So, to stay comfortable, wear cotton clothes that are a size bigger. Cotton will absorb the sweat easily and keep you dry.
  2. Personal Hygiene
    Hygiene is one of the most important factors to remain free from infectious diseases. As monsoon brings rain and the water gets dirty due to sewage, mud etc., it may lead to variety of infections. So, don’t go outside barefoot during pregnancy. Stay indoors as much as possible and if you have to go out, make sure to wash your hands and feet with mild disinfectant soap immediately after returning home.Take bath with Neem water at least once every day during your monsoon pregnancy. It will help prevent various skin problems.
  3. Keep your Home Clean
    It is important to keep your home free from infection. Use good quality mild disinfectants to clean the floors and bathroom. You can even burn dried Neem leaves to keep away flies and mosquitoes.
  4. Stay Hydrated
    During pregnancy, it is very necessary to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and make sure to have filtered water only. Unfiltered water carries lots of germs causing varied health problems.
  1. Eat Healthy Food
    Stay away from street foods during monsoon. In fact, avoid having street in general as it may carry different types of germs. As your baby in the womb will receive nutrients from the food you eat, have a healthy and balanced diet.

Follow these to avoid unwanted health concerns during the monsoon season. If you feel severe discomfort, do consult your obstetrician. Have an enjoyable pregnancy journey!