Post Delivery Exercises


Pregnancy makes you gain lots of weight which changes the whole structure of your body. But getting back to your normal size and shape is not that tough. Exercise is the best way to do this. If you have exercised regularly before and during pregnancy, it allows you to have normal delivery without any complications. Exercising is also helpful in getting back to shape faster and getting back your energy.


Benefits of Exercises Post Delivery

Though you may not feel like exercising soon after delivery, but it will help you in various ways. Regular exercise post delivery has the following advantages:

  • It lets you stay healthy and active
  • Helps in getting back to the shape you had before pregnancy
  • Reduces the risk of postpartum depression
  • Helps in cutting weight with a combination of low calorie diet
  • Improves the condition of abdominal muscle
  • Cardiovascular fitness gets improved
  • Helps in relieving stress
  • Helps to improve your level of energy
  • Gives a boost to your mood


If you are a new mom, then you can do the following exercises which will benefit you in various ways:


  • Walking: Walking is one of the best exercises for everyone. After childbirth, you can do this simple form of exercise which will let you regain your fitness and energy.
  • Deep belly breathing: Deep belly breathing with abdominal contraction is one of the easy exercises which you can do post delivery. It not only helps in relaxing your muscles but also helps in toning and strengthening your belly and abs.
  • Shoulder lifts and head lifts: Head lifts, shoulder lifts and curl-ups are very effective physical exercises that help to burn calories, strengthen your back muscles and tone your belly and abs.
  • Pelvic exercise: Pelvic floor exercise is a must in post delivery exercises. After childbirth, doing this exercise will help you to control leaking urine and tone your muscles.
  • Kegel exercise: Kegel is a wonderful exercise for new mothers after childbirth. It reduces the risk of leaking urine or incontinence. It will have better control of leaks while you laugh, sneeze etc. It also helps in toning your bladder muscles.


Exercising is one the best things you can do for yourself. If you had a normal delivery, you can start these exercises a few days after childbirth. But if you had caesarean delivery, it is better to consult your doctor before doing the exercises.

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