The phenomenon where more than one fetus results from a single pregnancy is termed as Twin Pregnancy or Multiple Pregnancy. It is caused due to the spontaneous competition between the sperms. These types of pregnancies are either natural or due to infertility treatments.

The chances of multiple pregnancies increase:

  • Through fertility treatments.
  • When the age of the mother is above 30.
  • With a personal or family history of fraternal (non-identical) twins.

How can complications be addressed?

Various complications occur during twin or multiple pregnancies due to high competition between the embryos. The most common one is ‘Pre-term Labour’. Apart from this, other complications that may arise are Anemia, Miscarriage and Vanishing twin, Preeclampsia, Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), Gestational diabetes and Post-partum hemorrhage. However, the good news is that twin or multiple pregnancies can lead to successful outcomes by ensuring Frequent antenatal visits, Frequent fetal assessment, Attention to nutritional needs, Assessment of cervix, Restricted physical activity and Neonatal care.



The mother has to pay close attention to her nutrition levels when expecting twins or multiples. A diet rich in good quality protein, iron, folic acid and calcium with optimum calories is recommended for better pregnancy outcomes.

Including wholesome nutritious foods like whole grains, fruits, milk and sprouts to the diet, rather than processed food, helps in giving the mother a balanced diet.

Special Clinics

Special clinics are dedicated to mothers experiencing multiple pregnancies. It helps them keep a track of the fetal growth by offering close monitoring and counseling thereby reducing complications or risks that may arise. Visiting these clinics is beneficial to parents and babies.

Fernandez Hospital started a specialized Twins Clinic in 2006, the only one of its kind in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This is a fully functional, multidisciplinary clinic comprising a dedicated obstetrician, fetal medicine specialist, nutritionist, lactation consultant and an excellent neonatal team that provides round the clock service. The Clinic deals with about 250 twin and 10 triplet pregnancies per year.

Mothers monitored by specialized clinics tend to give birth closer to term, reducing the risk of pre-term labour. More importantly, these clinics give an opportunity for parents in similar situations to meet, discuss and feel more at ease.


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