Top 5 Tips for Pregnant Women During Winter



During pregnancy, every woman, particularly in India, will experience the harshness of summer and winter. While many underestimate winter in South India,  it can be challenging for expecting moms irrespective of where they reside. These top 5 tips for pregnant women during winter will surely help in taking extra care of your baby and your health.

You might be longing for winter as you’ve had enough of the scorching heat and humid days, but be prepared to experience its peculiarities especially when you’re pregnant. The following points will help you gear up for the colder months and keep you safe from woes like infections, dryness and itchiness, etc. 

Top 5 tips for pregnant women during winter

 #1 Avoid dehydration

If you thought dehydration happens only during summer then remember winter air can also be dry, making your body overheated from within. Dehydration usually occurs when the body starts losing its fluid faster than its intake. During pregnancy, dehydration can be risky as it first affects the baby.

How dehydration is risky during pregnancy?

Water in an expecting mom’s body helps to form the placenta, through which the unborn baby draws its necessary nutrients. Besides, water also helps in forming the amniotic sac in the last stage of pregnancy; therefore it  becomes extremely necessary to stay well-hydrated.

#2 Protect yourself from infections

Winter also brings assorted infections including flu, cold and sneezing. Since you are pregnant you cannot simply take any anti-allergy pills or antibiotics. The best way to avoid cold and infections is by always keeping your hands clean. Unknowingly, germs get transmitted easily through our hands when we touch our mouth and nose.

It is recommended that pregnant women should get vaccinated against influenza. It is ideal to also get a whooping cough booster vaccine, on your doctor’s advice.

#3 Go in for layering

Instead of spending a fortune on an oversized coat that is pretty useless post pregnancy, it’s better to wear winter clothes in layers. Start with lighter layers underneath and end with a bulky sweater which you remove anytime the temperature goes up.

#4 Eat healthy

No matter the season, expecting moms should always take care of their diet. Extra attention should be given to what they eat in winter. Here are some Do’s:

  • Since winter blesses us with several types of fruit, try consuming them in plenty, especially as juice to stay hydrated.
  • Try to munch on Indian gooseberry (Amla), as it’s loaded with Vitamin C which not only helps fight against infections, but also acts as anti-oxidant and saves skin from dryness.
  • Add saffron to your milk. It maintains body temperature and boosts immunity.
  • Make sure you munch on a handful of nuts regularly as they are enriched with vitamins and natural oils. Since nuts are tasty, you can easily replace oily snacks with nuts.
  • Do not hesitate to have sweets such as patti, gajak, chikki, til ke laddu etc. While gud or jaggery gives you zinc and is healthier than sugar; til is a rich source of calcium.

#5 Do not cut off your exercise

We admit, winter makes you feel lazy and during pregnancy you wouldn’t want to come out of your blanket. Exercise during pregnancy is essential. So if you are not comfortable walking in the mornings then try going out for a brisk walk around 4-5 pm. You can also join a prenatal fitness programme where you can benefit a lot and stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Hope you found this post on top 5 tips for pregnant women during winter useful!


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