Diabetes Before Pregnancy


When a woman gets pregnant, it is very essential that she is healthy and free of disease. This is one of the main factors in giving birth to a healthy baby. And, if you have diabetes before getting pregnant, then special care should be taken to control it. You should consult your doctor before getting pregnant. Otherwise, there is a possibility of the baby being born with health defects.


Complications of diabetes before pregnancy:

Due to poor control of diabetes, some women even have miscarriages or lose their baby during childbirth. In order to prevent these complications, there is need for proper treatment to control diabetes before you get pregnant.  High glucose levels and Ketones, which are very dangerous, present in the mother pass through the baby’s placenta leading to various type of complications.

High glucose level before pregnancy, if not controlled, may result in the following complications during childbirth :

  • Miscarriage
  • Health risks to the baby
  • Premature delivery
  • Different types of birth defects
  • Low glucose level at the time of birth
  • Prolonged jaundice in the baby
  • Respiratory problems in the baby
  • Difficulty during delivery necessitating caesarean section
  • Infections in the vaginal area and urinary bladder
  • Kidney problems
  • Eye problems

How to prevent and control blood sugar level?

Babies born to mothers having diabetes are at the risk of having diabetes in later stages. The complete organs of a baby are formed within a period of 7 weeks from the date of your last menstrual period. And when you realise that you have conceived, it becomes too late to control diabetes. Since the early weeks play a crucial part in the development of the baby, controlling your blood sugar level is very important. So, it is better to get your glucose level lowered if you are planning a baby.

Proper treatment and regular check-ups reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy and after childbirth. When a woman conceives, the level of blood sugar automatically goes up.  Doing exercises, light work, taking meals and medications as prescribed by your doctor will help you balance your blood sugar levels.

Tips for women suffering with diabetes before pregnancy:

  • Plan your pregnancy
  • Control the level of blood sugar before and during pregnancy
  • Follow a proper diet chart recommended by your doctor
  • Exercise
  • Control your weight
  • Do urine and blood tests frequently
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol


Treating diabetes before getting pregnant will let you and your baby enjoy good health. Make your pregnancy safe and enjoy this beautiful phase of life rather than being tense with complications.

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