Care of Preterm Babies

Preterm babies or premature babies are those born before the completion of 37 weeks. Such babies are also known as preemies and the risk of complications in such cases is often very high. So, it is very essential to take proper preterm care of such babies.


Special Care of Preterm Babies

Babies born prematurely are not fully developed to deal with the outside world. They find it difficult to cope with the new environment in comparison to fully developed babies. When a baby is born before the expected date, the digestive system, immune system, lungs, skin etc remain undeveloped. These complications are addressed in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) where the advanced medical facilities have made their survival possible and helps in developing their body organs. When the baby surpasses the danger line, he/she is allowed to be taken home.

Caring of Preterm Babies at Home

When your premature baby is at home, you should always be alert and take proper care of the baby. In many ways, caring for a premature baby and caring for a developed baby is same. But there are some special precautions which should be taken. The following will be helpful for your preterm baby to have a healthy development.


Spend quality time with your baby so that you get to know how the baby is adjusting with the new environment and responding to everyday things.

  • Keep your baby neat and clean by giving him a bath and using damp cotton balls to clean face, neck and bottom. Change the diapers from time to time and keep the surrounding areas hygienic, so that your baby does not suffer from any kind of infections.
  • Make sure to keep your baby dry; each time your baby becomes wet, dry him/her off with a dry cotton cloth.
  • Always take proper care to keep your baby warm with the help of blankets, sleep suit or zip-up sleeping bag and adjusting the temperature of your room. Make sure that the temperature is safe for your baby.
  • Feed your baby from time to time so that he/she doesn’t remain hungry.
  • Help your baby to get proper sleep as it helps in keeping him full of energy and active.


Taking proper care of your preterm baby and consulting your doctor from time to time will let the baby develop in a healthy way. For the first few months, take extra care of your premature baby as per your doctor’s advice so that the baby copes normally with the new environment.

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