Why should women share their birthing experiences?

Dr.EvitaPregnancy, birthing and bonding with the newborn baby are significant phases in a woman’s journey to motherhood.  Women when given the right knowledge as part of the preparation, enjoy a positive birthing experience. This essentially means she has been given the freedom to make choices during labour, assured of a birth companion of her choice, encouraged to birth in the position she feels comfortable and finally enjoys holding her baby to her chest (skin-to-skin).  This kind of a birth where there has been no medical intervention is termed a natural birth.  Women who experience this, feel confident, empowered and fulfilled.  They are indeed happy mothers with happy babies.  Their stories must be told and shared with other mothers / parents-to-be.

Birthing stories when shared can help an expectant mother in the following ways:


  • Provides information and knowledge

Expectant mothers who hear birth stories get enlightened / educated and are encouraged to seek care givers who will help them enjoy similar positive births. These stories help women to have confidence in their own bodies and in their ability to birth.

  • Helps to choose the best birthing option

When an expectant mother reads of birthing experiences of other women, it helps her to reflect on her own understanding and expectations of the kind of birth she wishes to experience.  This will also influence her choice in selecting the hospital where she wishes to birth.  It empowers her to ask the right questions to her care giver which in turn helps her plan her labour and birth.

  • Sharing with empathy

When women share their birthing experiences, they feel free to share their triumphs and disappointments. This honest sharing helps expectant mothers to prepare for the possibility of their own birth not going according to plan.  It helps reduce disappointment if an emergency C section is truly warranted.

Fernandez Hospital is committed to help expectant mothers enjoy a positive birthing experience. We are equally committed to listening to birth stories which may not always be positive but which need to be told, shared and listened to with an openness of mind and heart.

So do join us on Saturday 18th November at Stork Home to listen to birth stories of women.

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We look forward to your presence.

Evita Fernandez

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