How to lower the chances of a miscarriage?

Like every other mother, you also will not want to lose your baby. You will probably take all the necessary precautions to give birth to a healthy baby. While there’s no sure-fire way to prevent a miscarriage, there are many ways you can ensure to have a healthy pregnancy and reduce your risk of miscarriage.

You can give your baby a good start in his/her life by just taking a few precautionary steps. Here are a few things you can follow:

Stay informed –

 Learn the common causes of a miscarriage and the misconceptions surrounding them. Doing so will help you to avoid pregnancy pitfalls that might lead to unfortunate results.

Age factor –

The more advanced your age, the higher the complications you might face in your pregnancy. If you are 35 and above, you should ask your obstetrician about the extra precautions to be taken.

Don’t miss your prenatal checkups –

 A prenatal checkup is helpful in monitoring your baby’s health. It helps to prevent issues and complications or diagnose them earlier.  Your obstetrician may ask you to do some tests to check if you are having any pre-existing conditions or risks that may affect your pregnancy.

Health conditions –

Chronic health conditions such as diabetes or thyroid disease may increase the risk of your miscarriage if not managed well. Thus, it is important to manage these conditions to increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.

Get immunized –

Vaccinations can protect you from certain infections that may harm you and your baby during pregnancy. Talk to your obstetrician to reduce the complications in your pregnancy.

Manage your weight –

 Being obese may increase a few risks during your pregnancy, so it is best if you start managing your weight. Engage in a few exercises to stay fit while reducing the risk of straining yourself. However, if you are already advanced in age or have other health conditions, it’s wise to consult your obstetrician or midwife regarding what you can do.

You should control your food intake and focus on consuming nutritious foods instead of food products low in nutritional value. Your nutritionist will make sure you are well nourished for a healthy pregnancy.

Say no to stress –

We’ve all heard that being stressed while trying to get pregnant isn’t a good thing. This is also true for pregnant women. If you’re experiencing a higher amount of stress, talk to your obstetrician or midwife about the management techniques. Counselling sessions by a psychologist might also be helpful for you to reduce stress. Choose happy thoughts and good vibes to manage your pregnancy well.

Be mindful of your health –

Keep away from sick people once you conceive and stay away from products with harmful chemicals. Try not to get sick and always check with your obstetrician before taking any medications as few medications are not advised during pregnancy.

Make sure you consume foods rich in folic acid so that your baby develops normally. See to it that you take your pregnancy vitamins regularly as advised by your obstetrician.

Few lifestyle factors –

It is pretty common that our lifestyle habits have an impact on our health. Few bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol can cause abnormalities in the development of your baby and also compromise your pregnancy which may lead to a miscarriage.


One of the best steps you can take to prevent a miscarriage is by developing good eating habits and making necessary lifestyle changes. Tackling a miscarriage, even the recurring ones, requires positive thinking. Therefore, it is best if you talk to your obstetrician or midwife and seek their support.

By doing so, you will increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy and also ensure that you give birth to a healthy baby.

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