10 Reasons to Practice Yoga During Pregnancy


10 Reasons to Practice Yoga During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, any physical exertion seems like a scary thing to do. Research has shown that 30-minutes of physical exercise a day can have several benefits for both the mother and the baby. An agility building, relaxation-oriented yoga routine can help prepare your body for labour and improve your overall well-being. After all, Happy Mothers make Happy Babies.

If you still feel on the fence about practising yoga during pregnancy. Here are 10 Physical Benefits of Yoga to help you make up your mind.

  1. Yoga helps with nervous system regulation and physiological system functioning(i.e., immune, endocrine, neurotransmitter, and cardiovascular).
  2. It is known to improve psychological well-being (e.g., frequency of positive mood states and optimism) and physical fitness (e.g., strength, flexibility, and endurance).
  3. Studies show that practising yoga promotes harmony between the mother and foetus.  
  4. It helps regulate heart rate and reduce inflammatory markers.
  5. Physical exercise of any kind improves prenatal and post-partum health variables.
  6. Pregnancy can be a stressful time for expectant mothers and yoga is excellent for stress management. It is known to reduce the production of the stress hormone- Cortisol. Stress can have adverse effects on foetal Development during critical periods, resulting in poor outcomes regarding the length of gestation, foetal growth, birth weight, foetal development, and the foetal nervous system.
  7. Breathing exercises or deep relaxation positively affect both foetal heart rate and foetal movement. 
  8. Lack of physical exercise can cause oedema, gestational hypertension, diabetes, mood instability, musculoskeletal discomfort, aches, and weight gain.
  9. Yoga calms the mind and body, providing the physical and emotional relief which your body needs throughout pregnancy. A lot of women also practice prenatal yoga for normal birthing.
  10. Yoga not only prepares your body for birth but also promotes self-confidence, self-efficacy, and coping ability; aspects that are important for a positive birthing experience.

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