The Power Of “Us” Bonding in the time of a pandemic.

Lockdown Time? – That doesn’t sound right. We’d rather say: “Quality Time!”

We can either look at the glass as half full or half empty. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. That’s how the pandemic has been. A mixed bag of everything. From crisis to opportunity. From tragedy to triumphs. Somehow, each one has been sailing through – trying to survive, staying safe and keeping up the hope.

Particularly, if you are an expectant parent, it sure is a different dimension for you. This time of your life is evidently the most exciting one, and it sadly collides with the global pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. I’m sure you had several plans to spend this special time outdoors. But here you are, confined to your home. Is it really that sad, though? Not really!

As parents-to-be, you should consider this time as a rare and extraordinary opportunity. You wonder, “How?” Well, picture this: under normal circumstances, you would have been working, probably exhausted and stressed out by the end of the day with little or no scope of having value-added time. Now, with you being home, you have plenty of time at your hand. You can use this time positively to create a lasting and permanent effect on your soon-to-be-born child. After all, this journey is a joint enterprise between the three of you.

Positivity, first!

Firstly, the aura of positivity in this relationship is something that the two of you can create. It is for  both of you to decide what you want to offer to your child, who is a silent but active participant in your relationship now. Because of the tough times we are in, it is natural to respond with panic and stress. But remember that your baby growing in the womb internalizes these emotions and responds accordingly. Your unborn baby experiences and understands love, joy, closeness and warmth. It also understands fear, anger and frustration. It is up to the both of you to decide what you want to offer to your baby.

Invest in yourself.

Mommies, this is the time for you to pamper yourself and practice some self-love. This will help boost your confidence, self-esteem and it will help you enjoy the effects of oxytocin.

Baby bonding time.

Here are a few ways to “tune in” and connect with your baby:

* Sing/listen to music. This is a great way of relaxation. You could listen to some quiet chants, sounds of nature, instrumental music or any other soft music you resonate with.

Have daily conversations with your baby. Tell your baby that he or she is wanted, loved, and welcomed. Read stories and speak out lines of positive affirmations.

* Start a scrapbook. Write a baby journal or create a scrapbook and pen down your thoughts and feelings during this time. This could include the various names that you are considering for your baby and anything else you want to communicate. It can also include your pregnancy photos and pics of other important people in your baby’s life. You could also write letters and share them when your baby gets older.

*  Both of you can record messages to your baby..

* Decorate your baby’s room together. This is a very good pre-birth bonding activity.

* Massage is a great way of relaxation. Whether it is a gentle tummy rub or a light touch massage by your partner, do it more often to comfort and reassure each other.

* Exercise and staying fit helps in building up your endorphins which will help you during your labour and birth. Maybe you can alternate between light and moderate physical activities that each of you love.

* Calm down and enjoy some quiet moments and practice your breathing techniques during this time to connect with your baby.

Surround yourself in a cocoon of love, joy, peace and happiness as never before and watch your baby reciprocate to you. Make the best of this time.


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