Water Birth Wonders

4 blissful benefits of Water Births.

“Water Birth is the best option for a normal delivery. Giving birth to the baby becomes easy. Labour pains become bearable and manageable. I was comfortable throughout the whole process.” – Mrs Sowjanya

“If it was not a water birth, I don’t know how I would have handled the pain. Warm water helped me feel relaxed and in control.” – Mrs Asisha

“Being in water was really calming. The whole birthing experience was smooth and peaceful. I don’t think I could have gone any other way.” – Mrs Stuti

It is no surprise that pregnant women are drawn to the idea of giving birth in water. Water Birth is exactly what it sounds like. Birthing. Your Baby. In Water!

Wondering why Water Births are that good? Here’s listing out the four blissful benefits of Water Births.

  • Serene and Relaxing

Warm water has always been a source of serenity and relaxation. When used for birthing, it presents an entirely different world of benefits for pregnant women.

The warm water in the birthing pool not only “feels nice” during labour, but also leaves a calming impression on your mind. A mind that’s free from worry, anxiety and fear has more room for positive birth affirmations.

Going by the testimonials of mothers who’ve opted for Water Births at Fernandez Hospital, we can vouch for the fact that:

– You feel a sense of serenity and calmness inside the birthing pool

– Warm water in the pool makes labour pain bearable

  • Flexible and Liberating

When you are about to birth your baby, your body is under extreme strain. What is usually a strenuous phase, turns into a calming experience. It is almost therapeutic – all thanks to the warm water in the birthing pool.

Floating in water helps you move around easily. You experience flexibility that cannot be achieved on ground. The liberty of movement is quite unmatched to any other birthing method.

Being in a pool filled with warm water is an option that you can use in entirety or in parts – throughout the course of your labour. You can, at any point in time, get out of the birthing pool if you don’t like it in there. Having said that, there’s a great chance of you loving your Water Birth experience and never wanting to get out.

  • Ease and Comfort

In a birthing pool, you enjoy the much-needed sense of weightlessness. It is extremely relieving after having gone through the 9 months of your-baby-in-your-belly. And guess what ensures more ease and comfort? – According to studies, being in warm water shortens the duration of your labour! Incredible, isn’t it?

Midwives who assist you through your Water Birth are clinically trained and competent. You’d be amazed, they can even check the baby’s heartbeat while you’re inside the pool. Yes, they have their ways. And you have to worry about nothing.

  • Warmth and wonder

We’ve established how the temperature of the water lessens labour pain and makes you feel calm. What’s remarkable is that your body produces less adrenaline because of that.

Low levels of adrenaline make way for oxytocin and endorphins – the “feel-good” hormones. Bubbling in good hormones, you’re sure to feel happiness, warmth, and wonder.

Water Birth is equally good for your baby who will love the transition “from the warmth of your womb – into a pool of warm water”.

You can opt for a Water Birth if….

-You are a low-risk mother

-Your baby is positioned head down

-You’ve had no complications during your pregnancy

At Fernandez Hospital we welcome and encourage your partner to be by the birthing pool, holding your hand fondly. The midwives help you explore all birth positions. Once your baby is born, he or she is gently lifted, brought close to you. You seal the moment in a loving embrace. We let you take your time bonding. Once you both are ready, the midwives help you out of the pool. You are dried off and taken over to a clean, cosy bed.


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