Stork Delivers the First Baby

Dr.Evita.jpgLast night I stood silently by the side of a young mother who asked me to be present at the birth of her second baby. I re-entered a birthing room after several years. It was a privilege, to be a part of that very special, intimate circle. She chose to have the chants of the Vipassana meditation which added a spiritual dimension and left her calm.

I continue to be in awe of the mystery of birth. I never cease to be amazed by the quiet inner strength and determination of a woman, to birth. The sheer unadulterated joy she displays when she holds her baby only reiterates the power of a mother’s love.

Thank you my young mother, for drawing me back into that special spot last night.

A successful vaginal birth, following a previous Cesarean section, is a reason to celebrate. You have only reinforced my belief in women and their understanding of their own bodies.

Our first birth in Stork Home – a good beginning indeed.

– Dr. Evita Fernandez

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