Welcome your little one to this world with confidence

There is a wealth of information on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy. But, for many first-time mothers, the act of childbirth remains a mystery. Have you ever thought of attending a childbirth class?

A childbirth class can give you information on the entire birthing process and prepare you for your childbirth.

Why you should opt for a childbirth class?

The main goal of a childbirth class is to provide you with information to prepare for childbirth, help you make informed decisions and minimize your fears.

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Stork Delivers the First Baby

Dr.Evita.jpgLast night I stood silently by the side of a young mother who asked me to be present at the birth of her second baby. I re-entered a birthing room after several years. It was a privilege, to be a part of that very special, intimate circle. She chose to have the chants of the Vipassana meditation which added a spiritual dimension and left her calm.

I continue to be in awe of the mystery of birth. I never cease to be amazed by the quiet inner strength and determination of a woman, to birth. The sheer unadulterated joy she displays when she holds her baby only reiterates the power of a mother’s love.

Thank you my young mother, for drawing me back into that special spot last night.

A successful vaginal birth, following a previous Cesarean section, is a reason to celebrate. You have only reinforced my belief in women and their understanding of their own bodies.

Our first birth in Stork Home – a good beginning indeed.

– Dr. Evita Fernandez

Diabetes After Delivery


After the delivery of the baby, the body of the new mother starts recovering from the  phases of pregnancy and delivery. During the first week after delivery, some women manage to have normal glucose level in the blood, but some may have odd sugar level swings. Normally, blood sugar level is checked at various times before you get discharged from hospital in order to check if gestational diabetes has been resolved or not.


It is natural that during the first week after delivery, you will feel stressed, tired and lack of sleep. This may lead to napping at odd hours like breakfast or lunch time. Skipping meals may make your sugar level low which is really very dangerous. So, it is very essential to have healthy meals at the proper time.

In order to maintain your sugar level after delivery:

  • It is very important to get your sugar level tested frequently after six weeks of postpartum.


  • Weight control is very necessary to control diabetes. It also reduces the risk of gestational diabetes in the next pregnancy.
  • Following a healthy diet chart that includes vegetables, fruits and grains is extremely helpful if you have high blood sugar after childbirth.


  • You should continue medical care follow-ups and do all the recommended tests.
  • Exercising daily for at least 30 minutes for five days a week really helps in normalising your blood sugar level.

Pregancy Exercise


  • Try to do light work, have a warm bath or try walking after childbirth.
  • Breastfeeding is absolutely safe and good for women with diabetes; it also lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.


Normally, gestational diabetes goes away immediately after delivery. In case, if you are not totally cured of gestational diabetes immediately after childbirth, it should be cured within a few weeks or months.

After delivery you may feel mental or physical distress. Following healthy habits after delivery will reduce these issues, making you and your baby healthy.

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