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There is a wealth of information on how to maintain a healthy pregnancy. But, for many first-time mothers, the act of childbirth remains a mystery. Have you ever thought of attending a childbirth class?

A childbirth class can give you information on the entire birthing process and prepare you for your childbirth.

Why you should opt for a childbirth class?

The main goal of a childbirth class is to provide you with information to prepare for childbirth, help you make informed decisions and minimize your fears.

Fernandez Hospital conducts a series of childbirth classes every Saturday and Sunday for expectant mothers. During childbirth classes, you’ll get to overcome your fears and talk about them to other women who might be having similar concerns.

Our childbirth educators will guide you with facts and dispel myths about childbirth. They will enlighten you on the diet and lifestyle changes, antenatal exercises, labour and pain management, breathing and relaxation techniques, healthy birth practices, breastfeeding basics and basic newborn care, etc.

Childbirth classes help in strengthening the connection with your partner. It offers your partner a chance to learn and understand childbirth, too. Our childbirth educators will guide your partner on how to be supportive, particularly during labour.

Benefits of childbirth classes

Gives you knowledge of options and choices about birthing – Every expectant mother has a right to make informed choices during her childbirth. Our childbirth classes aim to empower you with knowledge of birthing options and help build your confidence and ability to give birth.

Recognizing what to expect at every stage of labour – In childbirth classes, you’ll learn what you can do to help your labour progress. You will learn how to recognize the signs of labour and also know how labour is expected to progress at every stage. This can help to reduce anxiety and fear during childbirth.

Helps you overcome fear of childbirth – Fear of not knowing how the labour will progress is most common in every expectant mother. Childbirth classes give you an opportunity to learn the essential skills you’ll need in labour, so that you can birth with confidence.

Bonding with your partner – Childbirth classes not only prepare you and your partner for birthing and parenting but also promote well-being and increase understanding. This is a great way to spend time with your partner while learning about the birth experience.

Opportunity to ask questions – It is common that you will have a variety of questions and concerns during pregnancy. Childbirth classes are a great place to ask questions freely and get accurate information. Our educators will answer all your concerns making you comfortable throughout your birthing journey.

Relaxation techniques – Childbirth classes support you and provide comfort measures for birth, teaching you and your partner various relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, massage techniques, and much more.

Breastfeeding basics and newborn care – You will be taught about the essentials of a good latch, breastfeeding positions, what you can do to ensure a good milk supply, and also the answer to the frequently asked question by mothers “How do I know if my baby is getting enough?”.

In addition, you will also be taught about your baby’s basic anatomy, what to expect in the first few weeks home, how to bathe your baby, soothing techniques and much more.

What does Fernandez Hospital offer…

Childbirth classes at Fernandez Hospital, is divided into 4 classes depending upon the week of your pregnancy. Each class will educate you on different topics.

Class I (16 weeks and above)

  • Diet and lifestyle changes
  • Antenatal mental health
  • Antenatal exercises

Class II (30 weeks and above)

  • Labour and pain management
  • Comfort measures
  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques

Class III (33 weeks and above)

  • Massage techniques
  • Movement and Positioning in Labour
  • Caesarean role play
  •  Healthy birth practices

Class IV (after attending classes II and III)

  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Postnatal mental health
  • Episiotomy/Perineal care
  • Basic newborn care

Childbirth class gives you an opportunity to discover how to work more effectively with your childbirth educator so that you can make informed choices about your birth preferences.

“Calm. Confident. Fearless birth.”

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