Dr. Lourdes C. Fernandez Birthing Suite

Fernandez Foundation is committed to taking forward its legacy of leadership in healthcare through excellence and compassionate service, to ensure that every mother and newborn receive high-quality, respectful and appropriate care.

Every pregnancy is special and for every expectant mother, childbirth is a crucial phase. Keeping this in mind, Fernandez Hospital has introduced individual birthing suites where expectant mothers can have pleasant birthing experiences.

A unique birthing suite

The new Dr. Lourdes C. Fernandez Birthing Suite is located at Fernandez Hospital, Bogulkunta, Hyderabad which was inaugurated on 9th June 2019. It’s a first-of-its-kind birthing suite in India, marking an important milestone in our 70-year journey, creating a new pathway of care.

Every woman has the right to have a positive birth experience during childbirth, and so do you. Our birthing suite offers individual birthing rooms to every woman, irrespective of her socioeconomic status, giving her the privacy she deserves.

Offering the best facilities

The LCF birthing suite is equipped with a birthing pool to facilitate water birthing, enabling a comfortable experience for you and your baby.

The suite offers every expectant mother the convenience of staying in the same room before, during and after childbirth. Each room has a warm and comfortable atmosphere, with calm music playing and option to opt for aromatherapy that helps in relaxing further.

For managing the labour pain, our team of midwives will help you with labour and pain management techniques that suit your individual needs.

Collaborative care by midwives and obstetricians

Dr. Lourdes C. Fernandez Birthing Suite has a midwifery-led unit co-located with an obstetrics unit and is one of its kind in India.

A midwifery-led unit is on the same floor, to handle low-risk pregnancies and to ensure that every woman has access to quality care. If an obstetrician’s help or intervention is required, the expectant mother is shifted to the other side, where both the midwife and obstetrician look after the expectant mother.

The midwifery and obstetrics unit work together placing you and your newborn at the centre of all decisions and actions. During labour, your midwife provides personalized care and recommends exercises that help encourage the labour progress.

If you’re interested in a water-birth, the midwifery team will discuss this option with your obstetrician. Selecting water-birth is an informed choice but, the expectant mother must be in optimal health before choosing water-birth.

You and your baby will be monitored during your childbirth. Your midwife will inform you when the baby is on its way. After your baby is born, the midwife takes care of you and your baby. Early skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby is initiated as soon as possible after birth.

Offering the right support and care, the LCF Birthing Suite allows you to have beautiful birthing experience,  the way it is meant to be.

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