How Different Will Your Second Pregnancy Be From the First?



Are you expecting again? You must be happy, right! But it also might bring various concerns to mind. Since each pregnancy is different from the other, there is no method to predict what this pregnancy will be like. However, you may notice the following differences when you are expecting for the second time.


  • Experience lesser excitement than the previous one

The excitement would-be parents experience during the first pregnancy is always more. But this does not imply that you are not happy expecting your second child.

  • Less fears than the first pregnancy

During the first pregnancy, you would have taken great care of yourself to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. Even the slightest of things would have you worried. However, in your second pregnancy, things are different. While you will be worried about the health of the unborn baby, minor things will not affect you. Having gone through it before, you become more confident about your pregnancy care and lifestyle.

  • Feel baby movement earlier

During your second pregnancy, you will feel your baby movement earlier as you can differentiate between gas and real baby movements. Some women in their second pregnancy can feel baby movements as early as fifteen to sixteen weeks.

  • Labour may be shorter

During your second pregnancy, you may feel a lot of differences in labour and delivery. Since the cervix is not rigid as before, it will not take much time for it to get dilated. Your second labour tends to become shorter. But not always.

  • Showing baby bump earlier

You may feel your baby bump shows earlier in comparison to the first one. This may be due to the fact that your first pregnancy has stretched your abdominal muscles.

Despite it being your second pregnancy, you must still remain careful as no two pregnancies are same. And if you had any complications earlier such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, foetal growth restriction, preterm birth etc., you might be at higher risk of these problems in your next or later pregnancies. Have your regular pre-natal check-ups, eat healthy and stay healthy. In case of any problems, make sure to visit your doctor.
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