How to Manage Twin Babies

“Sometimes miracles come in pairs”.


Twin pregnancies often evoke feelings of excitement and nervousness and we know that you might be worried about a lot of things.

Here are 9 tips for Twin Baby Management:

  1. Go for frequent antenatal visits as they help monitor complications. Early intervention is always recommended.
  2.  Examine the growth of your twin babies carefully and regularly. Frequent foetal assessment should be done by ultrasounds and by monitoring your twin’s hearts.
  3. A healthy twin pregnancy requires more nutritional intake. Stay hydrated, take your vitamins, and consult your nutritionist for a healthy, balanced diet of protein, fat, and complex carbs.
  4. Have peppermint and ginger tea to get relief from stomach upset and nausea.
  5. Beat the fatigue by maintaining a healthy sleep cycle and taking plenty of rest.
  6.  Eat something healthy which has protein and complex carbs as soon as you wake up.
  1. Try to get some exercise and fresh air. 20-minutes of walking can do wonders for your health and energy.
  2. Newborn Twins might need special care, choose a hospital that offers complete neonatal care.
  3. Complications can appear at any point of time during your twin childbirth and may not always be predictable. It is important to select a hospital that responds well to emergencies, with appropriate facilities, where you can be cared for by experts.

If proper care is taken during your pregnancy, there are minimal chances of complications. You should be in touch with your midwife or obstetrician and chart a birth plan.  Do not be afraid to clear all your doubts. It is also important to discuss the pros and cons of your normal twin birth or caesarean twin birth. Awareness is your greatest aid. Being pregnant with twins can be a lot of work for you, but the reward will be an exciting one.

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